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Training for Jobseekers

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How often have you felt like jobseeker training is a revolving door? The jobseeker goes in, only to go round and round without really getting anywhere. It’s all struggle and no reward. Wouldn’t it be great to get your jobseekers truly job ready and not only break out of unemployment but continue to stay happily employed in the long term? This is where Bounce steps in.

We’ve been working with jobseekers since 2006 and we understand the frustration that providers and jobseekers go through. It’s not just about connecting with your jobseekers, it’s about finding a new way to move forward with employment and create long term sustainable outcomes that make sense.

Help your jobseeker’s step out of that revolving door and into education that will build confidence. Break down their barriers and give real world tools that every person needs to be able to get and keep a job. Bounce training can do all this and so much more. No more going round and round, it’s time to step out and move forward.



Embedded self-reliance with practical tools to remove doubt & allow for personal growth


Goal Setting

Strong & personally achievable action plans that give motivation as well as direction & clarity


Employability Skills

Transferable knowledge of integrity, accountability, effective communication & emotional intelligence


Practical Tools

Seamless technical & literacy skills to make effective resumes & cover letters

"I’d recommend this course to anyone and everyone"

Bounce Program Participant

"The most inspiring thing I’ve done to date"

Bounce Program Participant

"Had a great time, got a job, met new people "

Bounce Program Participant

"Impacting and life changing"

John Majdecki
Bounce Program Participant

"One of the most profound things out there"

Bounce Program Participant

Training for Providers

Tailor make a program just for you!

The life of a consultant is a highly demanding and sometimes extremely stressful. Juggling jobseeker’s and employers, all while handling the demands of compliance can be a real strain on not only the well being of the individual but the well being of the team as well.

Create a happier, safer, more productive and effective workforce with your team by giving them real world strategies to deal with things like stress, conflict, time management and emotional intelligence.

Bounce provides premium support courses for all consultants no matter what the need. Through conversation with you, we can make an educated assessment of your team’s needs and develop tailored content to give you an edge over your competitors.

Having worked in the employment service industry for many years, our team is very familiar with the daily demands of consultants and know the perfect tools to make the working environment not only more productive but also more enjoyable on every level.

To discuss the programs that we have on offer or to create your own tailor made program, get in touch via our contact page and upskill your team today.


Time Management

Save money, stress & time with simple strategies that actually work

Conflict Management

Ensure your team is safe & prepared when dealing with the most confronting situations


Analyse visual cues & take control of a situation without saying a word

Stress Management

Get the right tools to manage stress before it really sets in & holds you back

"Highly Recommended!"

Shilpi Bhattacharyya
Campbell Page

"Knowledge & know how I can use on a daily basis"

Con Petropoulos
Campbell Page

"Such Passion & Expertise"


"Professional, very informative, very productive"

Sarina Russo

"A big eye opener"

Tristan Owen

Training for Employees

Create a positive culture & increase retention rates

Your employees are the heart of your business. Whether they take care of your customers, create your products or write your reports, they are the foundation that makes your business what it is. Making them better at what they do makes your business the best it can possibly be. Investing in their professional development is one of the most important decisions you can make as a leader.

Whether it’s developing better teamwork or taking customer service to the next level, Bounce has the solution. Offering an exceptional array of training, we can take your business from good to great and strengthen those foundations so you can grow.

Having worked with many businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes, Bounce has the experience to assist you with assessing your needs and the needs of individuals to create something that will put your team at the forefront of excellence.

Have a chat with one of our team members today and see what Bounce can do for you!



Make a lasting impact with your customers through words, tone and body language



Boost motivation & productivity through alignment of company and employee values

Emotional Intelligence

Delve into one of the world’s most sought after skills when it comes to employee loyalty

Customer Service

Simple steps to create loyal & loving customers that will do your advertising for you

"It's challenged our staff to look further than their surroundings"

Mark Thomas
Arthur Reed Photos

"Relevant & easy to follow"

Linda Tomlinson
True Foods

"Loved it & learnt so much!"

Mandy Kaiser
The Gordon

"I wanted the session to keep going"

Karen Barker
The Gordon

"I really enjoyed the engagement & energy"

Skye Morrison
Arthur Reed Photos

Training for Leaders

Build your own fast paced executive program

Being a leader is much more than meets the eye. Managing staff, clients, projects, workload, not to mention your own personal life, can become messy and ineffective. Putting all your focus into one thing can lead to the ball getting dropped somewhere else, equally focusing on everything all at once can lead to lower standards. So how can you take the pressure off but still be the leader your team needs?

The key is as simple as professional development. As people, we continuously strive to grow, learn and better ourselves; this is true ten fold for leaders. We can always be better communicators, task managers, prioritisors and motivators.

With years of experience under our belts, Bounce can give you fast and effective tools to get the results you need. Learn a variety of skills drawn down from the latest research in Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence, including faster problem solving, sparking creativity, influencing without authority, motivating and managing your team, effective decision-making, blocking resistance, building resilience and so much more.

To discuss building a program to match your needs, head to your contact page and have a chat to one of our team members.

Leading Vs Managing

Turn managing into leading & change your professional world for the better

Problem Solving

Some problems are bigger than others, learn how to control them before they get out of hand


Decision Making

Make the right choices in a fast and effective way to get the best outcomes

Influencing Skills

Take charge of situations with influence and respect without being overbearing

"Insights into my team that I had not considered before"

Department of Employment

"Very energetic & encourages you to engage"

Department of Social Service

"We weren't left with the usual ambiguity"

Department of Social Services

"I can really relate to it"

Department of Employment

"Thought provoking & very useful"

Department of Employment